Pre-school has been established since 1974. Our aims are to provide a safe, friendly & secure atmosphere for children & their individual needs, to promote & develop good relationships with both children & families, giving them our continuous support & guidance.

Our objectives are to offer children good quality care & education, by trained qualified staff, in a relaxed setting. We offer a wide variety of activities that stimulate & promote children's development in all areas of learning. All of the activities on offer at Pre-school incorporate the following teaching methods - Kinaesthetic (physical), Auditory (talking) & Visual (seeing).

We are situated in the under crofts of & have access to three play rooms, toilets, a kitchen area and an enclosed outdoor play area and garden.

We are part of the Early Years & Childcare Partnership and are also a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance.

We have a close relationship with Primary School and during the term prior to your child's commencement at this school, the children pay regular visits to reception class. The children join in with the lesson, develop an awareness of their future environment and are able to form a relationship with their class teacher. Pupils from Year 6 regularly join in with our sessions. They read stories to the children and interact in various activities. We feel this promotes a healthy transition from pre-school to compulsory education and encourages the children to settle more easily into school life.

We have regular OFSTED inspections for education and health and safety. This enables us to offer free places for all 3 and 4 year olds, funded by our local education authority. A copy of our latest Ofsted inspection report can be found on the notice board, where it is available for your examination.

We follow the QCA "Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage" as set out by the Department for Education and Employment (D.f.E.E.). The foundation stage begins when your child reaches the age of three and continues through to the end of the school reception year. The foundation stage is the first part of the National Curriculum focusing on the distinct needs of children. We also follow the Sure Start, Birth to three matters framework which supports children in their earliest years. If you would like to find out more about the Foundation Stage we have a short video, which is aimed at parents/carers and gives a further insight into this important stage of your child's learning and development - please speak to a member of staff if you would like to borrow this.

We operate a key worker system which gives each member of staff particular responsibility for a number of children. The key worker is in a position to tailor the group's curriculum to the unique needs of each individual child. The key worker maintains links with the child's home setting, working with parents through shared record-keeping to ensure that all children are supported in reaching their full potential.

On joining Pre-school, for 2 sessions or more, your child's key worker will begin to compile an Individual Learning Plan based on observations & information gathered throughout the pre-school session. We encourage parents/carers to contribute to their own child's Individual Learning Plan on an ongoing basis, particularly by using our Home Diary system which gives parents/carers the opportunity to tell us about their child, their likes & dislikes, particular interests, family, friends, etc.

At the end of each term you will be given a Termly Progress Report. The report for 2 to 3 year olds is based on the Sure Start Birth to Three Matters Framework, & from 3+ years based on the QCA Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage. These will be completed by your child's key worker, & you will be given the opportunity to make your own comments
/suggestions either written or verbally. Your child will also have his/her own learning development folder which is free for you to browse through whenever you wish, please speak to your child's key worker to do so.

Prior to commencing compulsory education you will be given your child's learning development folder and their personal diary. Information from your child's Termly Reports, their learning development folder & personal diary can be very useful to your child's reception class teacher but it is at your own discretion whether you pass this on.




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